New 250D-II Articulated Dump Truck

Articulated Dump Trucks
250D-II Articulated Dump Truck

If you're looking to deliver big numbers to your bottom line, put our 250D Series-II Articulated Dump Truck on your jobsite. This enhanced ADT handles heaped payloads with fast cycle times and unsurpassed fuel efficiency - so you'll move big loads at less cost. It is highly reliable, too, with high-strength, welded alloy-steel chassis and dump-body components that are durable, yet lightweight. The quieter cab is loaded with productivity- and uptime-enhancing refinements such as auto shutdown, push-button transmission and dump-body controls, onboard weighing, and tire-pressure monitoring, to list just a few. With our ADTs, you get everything you need to keep materials and profits flowing.

Key Features
  • Tier 3 emission-certified engine
  • Onboard payload-weighing system
  • Planetary PowerShift™ transmission
  • Push-button dump-body controls
Net Power 198 kW (265 hp) @ 2,000 rpm
Operating Weight (empty) 18 314 kg (40,340 lb.)
Rated Payload 23 222 kg (51,150 lb.)
Heaped Capacity 13.8 m³ (18.0 cu. yd.)