New WR54 Series Heavy-Duty High-Capacity Overhead Frame Rakes

Wheel Rakes
Key Features
  • EasilyAdjustable raking beams
  • Free-floating rake wheels
  • 29-ft. maximum raking width
  • Master control system controls various rake wheel functions from inside cab

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Transport locks
Overhead frame lockOverhead frame lock
Rake beam lockRake beam lock

Overhead frame can be locked with chains to secure it for transport and storage.


Rake beams can be locked for easy transport and storage.

Rake wheel lockRake wheel lock

Rake wheels can be locked for safe transport and storage.

Rubber-mounted rake wheel teeth improve raking performance
Rake wheel shownRake wheel shown
Rubber-mounted rake wheel teeth shownRubber-mounted rake wheel teeth shown

Rubber-mounted teeth allow rake beams to be tilted to match crop conditions for better raking performance.

Windrow adjustment made easy with hydraulic remote
Windrow width reaches up to 182.9 cm (72 in.)Windrow width reaches up to 182.9 cm (72 in.)
Electric control box handles all rake functionsElectric control box handles all rake functions

The windrow width of the WR54 Series can be adjusted hydraulically to a maximum of 182.9 cm (72 in.).


One hydraulic remote, along with the electrical control box, handles all the functions of the rake.

Master control
The master control creates ease for the operatorThe master control creates ease for the operator

The master control system on the WR54 Series High-Capacity Wheel Rake allows the operator to control various rake-wheel functions with the flip of a switch.

Adjustable raking beams
Adjustable raking beams Adjustable raking beams

Rake beams quickly adjust to set the rake wheels from 0 to 8 degrees to allow for more or less aggressive raking.  The 0 degree setting is for dry crops and up to 8 degrees is used for short, wet, or matted down crops. 


Durable wind boards keep hay from getting caught in the wheels and are standard on the WR54 Series Heavy Duty, High-Capacity Wheel Rakes.

Maximum raking width
Raking widths reach a maximum of 29 ftRaking widths reach a maximum of 29 ft
Rake wheel beams adjust independentlyRake wheel beams adjust independently

The maximum raking width is 29 ft. The rake wheel beams may be angled independently.  This allows you to do one sided raking if desired.

Tandem wheels for smooth operation
Perfect when operating on rough terrainPerfect when operating on rough terrain

The tandem wheels on WR54 Series High-Capacity Wheel Rakes provide added stability and a smooth, level operation across rough field conditions.

Free floating rake wheels
Dampening spring allows wheels to floatDampening spring allows wheels to float
Bi-directional spring option installedBi-directional spring option installed

The 60-in. rake wheels on the WR54 High-Capacity Wheel Rake float freely, thanks to individual dampening springs which are standard equipment.  If more precise adjustment for the dampening and float of rake wheels is required, the optional bi-directional spring can be ordered.
The rake wheels may be lifted independently left or right, or both at the same time.