New SB31 Series Sickle Bar Mowers

Hay Equipment
Key Features
  • Belt-driven cutter blades
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Cutting arm flexes up to 90 degrees, or as low as -45 degrees
  • iMatchTM compatible

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Adjustable skid shoes control working height
Adjustable skid shoesAdjustable skid shoes

The adjustable skid shoes on the cutterbar make it easy to control the working height of Frontier™ sickle-bar mowers.

Cylinder stop redesigned
Can be operated from tractor seatCan be operated from tractor seat

The redesigned cylinder stop can be raised from the operator station by a cable and attached pull rope. This allows the operator to raise the cutterbar fully to move around obstacles without leaving the tractor seat.

Belt-driven cutter blades manually adjust for added tension
SB11 Series belt-driven cutter blades shownSB11 Series belt-driven cutter blades shown

The cutter blades on the Frontier™ sickle-bar mowers are belt driven with a manual adjustment for tension. 

Knife and guard maintenance
Cutterbar knife guardCutterbar knife guard

The bolt-on cutterbar knife guards and the riveted sections on the Frontier™ sickle-bar mowers can be removed and replaced individually.

Breakaway mechanism has been strengthened
Stronger for added life and cutterbar protectionStronger for added life and cutterbar protection

The enhanced breakaway mechanism has been strengthened on the SB31 Series Sickle-Bar Mowers for improved cutterbar protection and longer machine life.


Working width 235 cm
92.5 in.
Minimum cutting height 2.5 cm
1 in.
Maximum cutting height 7.6 cm
3 in.
Shipping weight 303.5 kg
669 lb
Operational weight 246.3 kg
543 lb
Tractor compatibility
PTO minimum hp 18.6 kW
25 hp
PTO maximum hp 37.3 kW
50 hp
PTO rpm 540 rpm
Type 3-point, Category 1, Category 2
iMatchTM compatible Yes
Quick-coupler compatible Yes
Set-up time
Labor hours 4
Time period 1 year