ExactEmerge Test Plots

The Horizon Equipment team is blazing a path for proven results with our ExactEmerge Test Plots.  Starting in 2017, we've had test plots focusing on both corn and soybeans comparing equipment brands, population, speed, row spacing, and even curve compensation. Take a look at our growing season data and yield performances below. If you have questions about any of the data or suggestions for future plots, feel free to contact your Horizon Equipment representative today!

2017 Test Plots

Greenfield Corn - Technology Comparison

Bayard Corn - Competitive Comparison

2018 Test Plots

Gleason Corn - Competitive Comparison

Gleason Soybean - Competitive Comparison

Hagan Soybean - Population & Speed Comparison

2019 Test Plots

Ahrenholtz Corn - Curve Compensation

Ahrenholtz Corn - Speed Comparison

Chambers Corn - Competitive Comparison

Ferry Soybean - Competitive Comparison

Ferry Soybean - Population Comparison

Mullenger Soybean - Technology Comparison

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